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The #GiveVax Initiative Celebrates Its 3rd Anniversary


When BoardVitals launched their company in 2013, there was never a question “if” they would have a robust giving platform, but rather “what” it would look like. Since BoardVitals serves the educational needs of healthcare professionals, creating a philanthropic initiative that would positively impact the health of others was a natural fit.

After weighing many options, the issue that resonated the strongest and where they thought they could make the biggest difference was by protecting children through vaccines. For co-founder Dr. Andrea Paul this is personal. As a medical student, she witnessed firsthand the devastating effects that vaccine-preventable diseases have on a community while volunteering in Africa and Central America. Now as the CMO of a successful company, Dr. Paul is in a position to see that more children are reached with life-saving vaccines.

“There are many diseases that we don’t know how to treat or cure, so if we can prevent them in the first place, that’s where the value lies,” states Jackie Kaufman, Executive Director of Vaccine Ambassadors.

The #GiveVax initiative is a prime example of a company using a creative approach to make a tangible difference. By simply donating a vaccine* for every question bank (educational packet) they sell, thousands of children are ensured the protection of vaccines.

As BoardVitals continues to thrive as a company, so has their donation program, which is reflected in the 212,931 vaccines* that have been donated through their #GetVax initiative. “With our growth we actually find that our responsibility to the community grows over time and that we are in a unique position to continue this program for the next several years,” states co-founder and CEO founder Daniel Lambert.

“This is leadership at its highest level. Imagine if more companies incorporated a similar model into their core structure.  We could make some serious headway in many of the world’s greatest challenges,” reflects Vaccine Ambassadors Board member Lisi Martinez-Lotz.

* based on the average cost of a vaccine purchased through Vaccine Ambassadors to-date.

Andrea Paul (left) as a medical student delivering vaccines in Ghana (2004)