Be a Vaccine Ambassador Community Group

Community and civic organizations have long served as ambassadors not only to their local areas of service, but also beyond borders, offering a more just future for all. Through acts of philanthropic engagement, leaders of these organizations have set a model of stewardship that demonstrates their commitment to a greater good.

By leveraging the collective efforts of its members, these groups are able to far exceed what can be accomplished on an individual scale. Equity, health, and opportunity are common end goals for many humanitarian groups. Vaccine Ambassadors offers the ability for these organizations and their membership to make a lasting impact that is affordable, transparent, and highly meaningful.

Engage your community members in a fun and meaningful project that will support the immunization needs of children and families in their communities. Create a team-based fundraiser such as an endurance event or virtual trivia night and collect donations that go toward vaccines. Create your own campaign and we will provide the support you need to have a successful event.

Here’s How it Works

  1. Register to participate in our Vaccine Ambassador Community program by filling out the form below. 
  2. Get Involved by creating a campaign (e.g. fundraising, advocacy campaign), or making a pledge in honor of your group or community, or, spreading the word about the work Vaccine Ambassadors does with this education kit.
  3. If you have any questions, want to run your ideas past us, or need assistance, please call or email us. We are here to help you succeed.
  4. Once you’ve gotten involved, and with your approval, we will recognize your contributions.

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