Staying True To Our Mission

When our organization was established in 2015, we had no idea that our mission would be at the epicenter of the most catastrophic public health crisis in modern times. We have responded to this ever-changing landscape by remaining nimble in our actions, using our resources wisely, and strengthening our partnerships. Most importantly we have stayed true to our mission, “Working with partners to achieve equitable access and uptake of life-saving vaccines for everyone–one vaccine at a time, one community at a time.”

Our mission has never been more relevant than it is today. With millions of lives lost to the pandemic, we are in danger of losing many more. Childhood immunization coverage has suffered a sharp decline in the past 2+ years, putting 25 million children at risk for vaccine preventable diseases, an additional six million more children than in 2019.

While our mission has never been more important, neither have our partnerships. Throughout this newsletter you will read a variation of the word “partner” often, as we highlight many of those who help us deliver on our mission. We hope that you see yourselves in this partnership. It is through our collective efforts that we have the most impact.

Thank you for being a Vaccine Ambassador!