Global Handwashing Partnership

Washington, DC

The Global Handwashing Partnership (GHP) is a coalition of international stakeholders who work explicitly to promote handwashing with soap and recognize hygiene as a pillar of international development and public health. The GHP brings together the expertise, ideas, resources, and reach of partners around the world to promote handwashing with soap. Our partners include leading organizations working in the WASH, health, nutrition, and education sectors.

The GHP is guided by a vision in which proper handwashing with soap at critical times will be universally recognized, promoted, and practiced as fundamental to good health. We are an advocate and thought leader for handwashing with soap, and we support practitioners by: harnessing the latest research and innovative thinking about handwashing behavior change; engaging stakeholders to include WASH in programs and action plans; and leading advocacy for hygiene.

How We Work Together

The Global Handwashing Partnership works with Vaccine Ambassadors to raise awareness on the importance of healthy habits that prevent diarrheal disease, whether through supporting immunization campaigns or by promoting the practice of handwashing with soap. Partners since 2016, the GHP and Vaccine Ambassadors magnify the reach of their work by combining their forces to help save lives and improve the health of communities.

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