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BoardVitals Prepares Children And Communities For A Healthier Future With Vaccines

BoardVitals has spent the past three years ensuring that medical practitioners stay up-to-date with the rapidly changing world of scientific knowledge. As innovators who have embraced new challenges and found novel solutions, the company applied this same philosophy when they were looking to add a philanthropic component to their business. Recognizing that vaccines play a vital role in the health of children and yet one in five is left unprotected, BoardVitals decided to take an active role to provide immunizations for some of the world’s most vulnerable and resource-scarce communities.

BoardVitals designs question banks and practice tests for medical schools, nursing schools, and other healthcare practitioners. Both students and seasoned medical professionals benefit from these services. They frequently collect and update new information from scientific journals and academic institutions in order to remain one of the most current medical resources available. It’s fast-paced work.

“This is a very living ecosystem,” remarked Daniel Lambert, CEO. “Medical information goes out of date very quickly. Physicians on staff constantly curate the content…to make sure the best information is out there.”

By its very nature, the company embraces change. So it’s no surprise that Lambert and his partner, Andrea Paul, seamlessly adopted a new initiative that has the potential to change the lives of many communities. What’s is even more extraordinary is the depth of their generosity.

“For every question bank that is purchased, we’re going to donate the equivalent of one MMR vaccine,” announced Lambert. “That’s over two dollars per vaccine. It’s a significant portion of our revenue.”

Lambert and Paul’s decision to support Vaccine Ambassadors was an easy one. Both have travelled to impoverished countries where the need for simple and effective health care strategies is great. Lambert, for example, spent several years in Argentina working with Engineers Without Borders. “I’ve donated to vaccine causes in the past,” said Lambert. “Dollar for dollar, it saves more lives that anything else we looked at. We’re a growing company so we wanted to invest in something that would impact as many lives as possible.”

The team at BoardVitals found Vaccine Ambassadors particularly appealing because of its commitment to apply all donations it receives from BoardVitals to the purchase and delivery of vaccines and related supplies and services. “Since we’re making this sacrifice, we want 100% to go to the cause rather than administrative overhead,” said Lambert, confident that Vaccine Ambassadors was the right choice for their company.

This act will hopefully send out ripples among the medical community and others who share a commitment to health. “As a company, we want to stand behind the fact that we believe in vaccines,” stated Lambert. With this new partnership BoardVitals is putting their beliefs into action.

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