Be a Vaccine Ambassador Healthcare Professional

By becoming a Vaccine Ambassador Clinic, you can play a leadership role in a children’s global health initiative without leaving the walls of your practice. Your immunization reach will extend to vulnerable communities that lack access to vaccines. 

Join our participating clinics in the Monthly campaign. During Vaccination Week in the Americas (April) or National Immunization Awareness Month (August), honor your patients by donating a vaccine on their behalf ($0.25) for each visit during those months. 

Participation is simple, affordable, and can save lives. This donation program ensures that every time someone received health care with you, another person in the world will benefit with the gift of life-saving vaccines. 

Taking part in the campaign helps patients gain a greater appreciation of the role that vaccines play in keeping us healthy. 

100% of contributions through this campaign go to the vaccine program. 

Here’s How it Works

  1. Register to take part in Monthly campaign by filling out the form below.
  2. Receive your implementation toolkit with instructions on how to quickly set up and promote a successful program within your practice.
  3. We will help you succeed by publicly recognizing your clinic and contributions on our digital platforms.
  4. At the end of the campaign we provide an electronic graphic depicting an estimated number of vaccines your clinic contributed. Share this on social media and post it in your waiting area to show your patients the difference your clinic is making in the world.

Don’t want to join the campaign? You can also make a pledge by donating in honor of your patients. We will provide you with an announcement to share with your patients about your role as a Vaccine Ambassador Clinic.

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