Do you have a particular talent that you would like to put to good use? Volunteering with Vaccine Ambassadors can be a great way to either gain experience or share your expertise. We are always seeking individuals with the following skills. Don’t see your skill here? Contact us and tell us how you would like to be a Vaccine Ambassador.

  • Writers (features, science, and storytelling)
  • Graphic designers
  • Public speakers
  • Professional services

Don’t see your skill? Please contact us and let us know how you would like to be a Vaccine Ambassadors.

Do you have an idea for a fundraiser in mind? Schools, places of worship, social groups, employees, and individuals can have fun while doing good. Submit your creative idea and we will work with you so that you have the tools to reach your goals.


Hold an Event

Host a cooking party, backyard Bar-B-Que, dance, or race. School and club sports teams can “donate a game.”


Donate a baby shower, birthday, or special event. Ask others to join you in recognizing the special people in your life.

Please contact us and let us know how you would like to Start a Fundraiser.

Lead by example and make a company committed to protecting children and families part of your corporate social responsibility. There are many creative ways in which companies can join this effort and make a tangible difference in the life of another. As companies begin to play a more active role as stewards for social good there has been a shift in the bottom line. No longer is the success of an organization solely measured on the financial continuum. The way in which corporations leverage resources for the greater good has taken a front seat in conveying the values of a company. Emerging companies and well-established businesses are not complete without the addition of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) platform. Having a cause or set of causes that employees, management, and customers can coalesce around has become an essential part of the business model. In addition to positively impacting our world, the value to organizations has been demonstrated by increased morale and engagement of staff and a positive corporate image, which resonates with customers and clients. As organizations are seeking to play a more pivotal role in philanthropy, whether it is on a large or small scale, Vaccine Ambassadors offers an opportunity for companies and their employees to make a difference that is affordable, transparent, and highly meaningful. Please contact us to discuss how your company can become a Vaccine Ambassador.

Is Your Clinic A Vaccine Ambassador? If not, consider joining us. Vaccines are one of our greatest public health success stories and the cornerstone of pediatric care. Fortunately, most parents and healthcare providers in the United States have never seen a case of measles, diphtheria, or rubella, a testament to the power of routine immunizations. Unfortunately, many children around the world do not share in this same success because they lack access to vaccines and immunization services. Your clinic can help ensure that children, regardless of where they live can receive this life-saving service by participating in our clinic-based one- month campaign. As families receive care at your clinic they are offered the opportunity to become a Vaccine Ambassador with a small contribution at the time of their visit. As a Vaccine Ambassador Clinic, when someone receives care at your practice another person in the world can benefit as well. It’s easy, it’s fun, and it will give you another way to talk with your patients about the value of immunizations and the role they play in keeping us healthy at every age.

Join our Protect Someone Else When You Protect Yourself flu season campaign. Pharmacists play a central role in establishing an “immunization neighborhood” by assessing the vaccination needs of their patients, in the community and administering any necessary vaccines, as allowed by state law. Pharmacists are now extending their immunization reach to support increased access to vaccines for children living in areas of the world without this basic health care service, by becoming Vaccine Ambassadors. Families and patients visiting their neighborhood pharmacy will now be offered the opportunity to play an active role in the health of the global community, with a small donation, when they pick up their prescriptions or receive a vaccine.