Be a Corporate Sponsor

Lead by example and make a company commitment to protecting children and families part of your corporate social responsibility. There are many creative ways in which companies can join this effort and make a tangible difference in the life of another.

As companies begin to play a more active role as stewards for social good there has been a shift in the bottom line. No longer is the success of an organization solely measured on the financial continuum. The way in which corporations leverage resources for the greater good has taken a front seat in conveying the values of a company. Emerging companies and well-established businesses are not complete without the addition of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) platform. Having a cause or set of causes that employees, management, and customers can coalesce around has become an essential part of the business model. In addition to positively impacting our world, the value to organizations has been demonstrated by increased morale and engagement of staff and a positive corporate image, which resonates with customers and clients.

As organizations are seeking to play a more pivotal role in philanthropy, whether it is on a large or small scale, Vaccine Ambassadors offers an opportunity for companies and their employees to make a difference that is affordable, transparent, and highly meaningful.
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