Saintedym Sandy Wills

Board Member

An immunologist, Dr. Saintedym Wills is the Technical Director for Immunology Research and Development at Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp). Her responsibility includes designing and improving diagnostic testing for a variety of diseases. She is passionate about improving health and diagnostics through innovative strategies. Moreover, her belief that all patients are humans first informs her fidelity to quality and accuracy. Saintedym pursued her PhD at Duke University where her work centered on the immune response to potential HIV vaccines. She then continued her passion for health-centered research in her postdoctoral work on an HIV Cure. Saintedym has multiple awards and publications.

Outside or her passion for vaccines and health equity, Saintedym enjoys spending time vacationing with her husband Dwayne and their son, Ace.

I am a Vaccine Ambassador because...

all people, particularly children and other vulnerable populations, deserve access to vaccines, regardless of their socioeconomic or cultural background. Vaccines prevent devastating disease that are otherwise preventable and ultimately improve our quality of life individually and collectively.