Beth D'Amico


Elizabeth D’Amico serves as the Director of Research Operations for the Education Policy Initiative at Carolina (EPIC). In this capacity, she is responsible for the development of project budgets, overseeing their approval, and ultimately managing the allocation of these funds during the research effort. Elizabeth is also responsible for regular communication with high level partners, including cross-institutional faculty and principal investigators. 
Elizabeth regularly participates in the development of research scopes of work, develops and manages project IRBs, performs technical reviews of reports and grants, and is an active participant in project planning with both internal and external research team members. Other responsibilities include managing members of the administrative staff and qualitative team carrying out the field work across research projects. 
Ms. D’Amico served as board treasurer for several organizations, including private educational institutions, public charter schools, and homeowners association boards since 1997 and is pleased to support Vaccine Ambassadors in this capacity.

I am a Vaccine Ambassador because...

My goal is to offer my expertise to organizations that are dedicated to helping children and their families, and Vaccine Ambassadors is exemplary in its efforts to helping people around the world.