André Anthony


André, who lived in Nigeria, Benin and Togo as a child, has spent the majority of his career working in nonprofit organizations, including 18 years of diverse experience gained at the YMCA. André currently serves as the Executive Director of the North Carolina Global Health Alliance, a nonprofit membership organization dedicate to advancing North Carolina as a center of global health. Prior to joining the Alliance, André served as Chief of Staff and Vice President of Strategy & Mission Advancement at the YMCA of Central New York. 

André has also been a member of YMCA-USA’s Service Delivery Advisory Council, served on the national steering committee of the Emerging Leaders Resource Network, and on the first United States cohort of Global Change Agents with the World Alliance of YMCAs.

I am a Vaccine Ambassador because...

I very strongly believe that we have an obligation to prevent unnecessary illness from diseases that we already have solutions for.