Photo Credit: Sophia Paris/UN

What if every time your child received health care, another child in the world would benefit as well?


Honor Your Child By Giving To Another

As parents, we know the worry we feel when our children get sick. Whether it’s a fever or cough, or something far more serious, we do everything we can to help our children get well and to keep them healthy. Yet many parents around the world can only sit by helplessly when their children become ill because their families lack access to basic healthcare services, including routine immunizations. Of the 130 million children born every year, approximately 19.5 million of those will go without basic immunizations.

Vaccine Ambassadors is a simple, convenient program that offers parents in the United States an opportunity to participate in a global-health initiative while at their child’s clinic.  As a Vaccine Ambassador, every parent can give one of the greatest gifts one parent can give to another, a healthy start at life for their child.

You don’t need to be a parent to participate in this program, just the willingness to be a part of the solution.  Take a look at our Act section for ideas on how you can join the movement.