Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Core Values

Equitable Access To Vaccines Is A Basic Human Right

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child states:

“Life, survival, maximum development, access to health and access to health services are not just basic needs of children and adolescents, but fundamental human rights.”

We at Vaccine Ambassadors share this truth.

When vaccine access is regarded as a “right” of each person rather than a “handout,” we move away from a charity mentality towards a universal health priority. Vaccines must be accessible to all, not just those who can afford it or are easy to reach. We must go the distance to ensure that all people have the ability to exercise their right to this life-saving technology.

Everyone Can Be A Vaccine Ambassador To An Individual Or A Community

We all have the ability to have a profound impact on the health of an individual or community. It is often a celebrity who is given the title of Ambassador to a particular cause. We believe that Ambassadorship is not reserved for the wealthy or famous, but rather that each of us can play a part in a global health initiative.

How We Deliver On Our Mission

Vaccine Ambassadors prides itself on its efficiency to deliver on its mission to provide vaccines to families and children in need of immunization services, and to advocate for their uptake where they are plentiful. By strategically selected partnerships we are able to make the best use of our donor dollars, while amplifying the messages that vaccines save lives.

Use of Funds

Because of the generosity of private donors and robust Board support, 100% of our public contributions (minus any standard credit card processing that may apply with online donations) go to the purchase and delivery of vaccines and related supplies and services.

Online donations may incur standard credit card processing fees.