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Mid-Year Update

Vaccine Ambassadors Announces 2016 Distinguished Partner Award

ambassadors_awardEach year, Vaccine Ambassadors recognizes a partner for their exemplary leadership and commitment to healthy communities through immunizations with the Distinguished Partner Award.

Please join us in congratulating BoardVitals, as the recipient of the 2016 Distinguished Partners Award.

In April of this year, BoardVitals chose to share their success with others through a philanthropic corporate initiative, #GIVEVAX. BoardVitals donates an amount equal to a vaccine per educational packet purchased through their company.

Because of their generosity thousands of children will receive life-saving vaccines.

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Vaccine Ambassadors in our GIVEVAX campaign. Our businesses have a unified goal to bring vaccines to those in need and we’re so happy to be involved.”- Dr. Andrea Paul, Chief Medical Officer.

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Triangle Christmas Tree Challenge

voteVote for Tree 40

Vaccine Ambassadors will be competing in this year’s Triangle Christmas Tree Challenge, along with 52 other local nonprofits! The challenge is an opportunity to highlight the work of each organization during the holiday season.

Our tree will be a visual depiction of the number of lives saved over the past 50 years with the introduction of the measles vaccine in 1963 (see graphic).

The top prize is $5,000. You can show your support by voting for us during the challenge. Text to 25827 and in the message section enter Tree 40. You can vote once a day, per each device (phone- text and online and computer from December 2nd -14th.  Link to voting page



Fall Events Edition




Columbia Pharmacy: Reaching Beyond Their Community

From Left to Right: Former Dana Outten, Melanie Cahoon, Kirstin Bradley, Neal O’Neal

From Left to Right: Dana Outten, Melanie Cahoon, Kirstin Bradley, Neal O’Neal

When Columbia Pharmacy learned that Vaccine Ambassadors was offering a pharmacy-based program to bring vaccines to children and families living in parts of the world without this basic healthcare service they didn’t hesitate to sign up. This year will be the 3rd annual Protect Someone Else When You Protect Yourself flu season campaign.

Pharmacist Kirstin Bradley of Columbia Pharmacy shares with us the motivation behind participating in the charitable giving program and what the experience was like for her and her pharmacy.

VA: What was it about this particular program that made you want to become a Vaccine Ambassador?

KB: Columbia Pharmacy recognizes the serious need for immunizations both locally and internationally. We wanted to do our part to help contribute by bringing awareness to the problem and providing immunizations to those less fortunate. Additionally, Vaccine Ambassadors provides a unique advertising opportunity. Some larger chains have taken advantage of similar programs, so it is time for local independent pharmacies to do the same.

VA: For those who have not participate before, can you share what was the experience like?

KB: Being a Vaccine Ambassador has been a wonderful experience. It was so easy to participate, yet makes such a huge difference in the lives of others.

VA: Do you think this added value to your store, and if so how?

KB: Vaccine Ambassadors added value to Columbia Pharmacy by giving us a sense of pride by helping others, increased advertising, and increased immunizations given. (more…)

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