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Each of us has the ability to profoundly affect the life of another.

About | One Founder’s Story

IMG_1177As a parent living in the United States where vaccines are the routine standard of care it is hard to imagine that 21.8 million children go without basic immunizations each year and that 1.5 million children won’t live to see their 5th birthday.  In the summer of 2006, I first became aware of these astonishing facts while working on the Global AIDS Project at the University of North Carolina, serving children and families living in Democratic Republic of Congo.

As a healthcare provider I was astounded by this disparity, as a parent of young children I was humbled and sadden. I had the good fortune of teaming up with co-founders, Eric Montross and Dr. Jacob Lohr, two of the most committed advocates for children’s health. What started out as a conversation with other parents and healthcare providers evolved into the creation of Vaccine Ambassadors, a philanthropic immunization financing organization in which every citizen can be a Vaccine Ambassador to a child and to a community.

At the heart of Vaccine Ambassadors is our pediatric clinic based program that allows parents and children receiving healthcare at their pediatrician’s office the opportunity to become Vaccine Ambassadors. By simply adding a small contribution ($2) during their visit, it would ensure that each time their child receives health care another child in the world benefits as well.

1.5 million. Each number represents a person that will never reach their potential, an irreplaceable loss to a family, and a community that is no longer whole.  All parents deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their child is protected. We ask that you join us in sending a message to parents around the world that we care about the fate of children everywhere by becoming a Vaccine Ambassador today.

Jackie Kaufman, Executive Director