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Each of us has the ability to profoundly affect the life of another.

About | Stacey Wooden

Stacey Wooden

Stacey Wooden is a vaccine scientist, educator and global health researcher with over 25 years experience in human immunology research and vaccine development for tropical infectious diseases. She holds a Ph.D. in vaccine immunology from Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health and conducted postdoctoral fellowship training at the Center for Vaccine Development at the University of Maryland. Her global health experience includes serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer, conducting HIV field research as a Fulbright Scholar and working as a consultant to UNICEF throughout southern Africa.

She has recently been involved with collaborative HIV cure research as a chief scientific officer at the University of North Carolina, and currently works with SRA, International managing scientific peer review for US Department of Defense-funded vaccine development research.

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I am a Vaccine Ambassador because…

I understand that vaccines are the most successful biomedicine ever invented by humans, and they will continue to spare billions of people around the world from unnecessary disease and death.