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Each of us has the ability to profoundly affect the life of another.

About | Robert Crowe

Robert Crowe

Robert Crowe is currently the Vice President of Client Services at Supplemental Health Care, one of the largest and a leading workforce solutions organization in the healthcare industry. Prior to joining the healthcare industry in 2007, Rob spent 8 years supporting finance clients internationally through the global HR and staffing company giant, Randstad, based out of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Rob currently serves several non-profits in North Carolina focused on alleviating challenges in society ranging from homelessness to addiction counseling and is passionate about partnering with organizations striving to find solutions on a variety of social justice issues.

Rob has been a proud resident of Durham, NC since 2012 where he resides with his wife Katie, their son Dillon as well as their two boxers. Rob is a graduate of Berry College having studied Political Science and Philosophy.

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I am a Vaccine Ambassador because…

I believe no person in the modern world should have to experience the pain of loss of life or health for themselves or a loved one due to a completely preventable disease.